So long and thanks for all the fish!

VISA UPDATE: If you know anyone who lives overseas or has spent a prolonged period in a foreign country, you’ve probably witnessed the grueling wait and process of obtaining the proper paperwork and visa for their visit. Whenever I’ve headed to Belarus, we have started the visa several months in advance to guarantee that we have them in plenty of time for our trip. If you’re up-to-date on this job process, though, you know that several months is just not in the cards this time around. I received the information I needed to complete the visa process on 10/08, sent out the long list of items required to the consulate on 10/10, and received my visa on 10/18. It’s so incredible to know that in times when big, common obstacles could have been an issue and completely put a stop to this process, God continues to show Himself each step of the way.  

I’m only one month into this blog and it already looks like I’m slacking on updates. This isn’t for lack of desire to keep you all updated on the happenings of my new adventure, though. The past two weeks have been slow on news, filled with a lot of waiting, and several emotional goodbyes. Of course, I could share much of that with you, but I’ve really tried to be present in these last few weeks with my sweet friends and families. Each final babysitting gig with children who have become part of my everyday life, every meal with a friend who has poured into me and vice versa over the past four years, and every cup of coffee from the places where I’ve become a regular are so special to me. I’ve kept my schedule booked to make sure I fit each meal, babysitting gig, and coffee date in before I leave. Something about seeing all of my favorite people before I leave is so comforting. I know that God brought these beautiful people into my life to help shape, encourage, and support me to get to where I am today. I’m grateful that I can say with confidence that God has used me in their lives, as well. There will be many tough days in the months to come where I will feel lonely, isolated, and forgotten across the world from the ones I love. It is a relief to know that on those days I can count on God to remind me of you all. He will connect us exactly when we both need it. He will make sure a package or letter is delivered on a day I’m down and homesick. I’ll come across one of my favorite pictures with special friends and remember how loved I am. How amazing it is to know that God has already planned and provided in ways I can’t even imagine now. 

Photo cred: Heather Bryant

To all of you who have taken time out of your busy schedules to visit with me, to go on an extra date so I can love on your kids one more time, to send me a note to let me know how proud you are, and all the extra prayers I want to say thank you. I am overwhelmed by your love and I hope in some way I’ve shown you how truly grateful I am. 

Here’s hoping I have something a little more exciting to share in the next week or so, I mean it’s not like I’m leaving in 8 days or anything… (:


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