Flying Home

Today as I boarded my flight from Gainesville (tiniest airport) to ATL (the largest airport says my seat neighbor Rahul), the counter attendant asked to see my passport, makes sense. She needed to make sure I had it, as well as the visa. As she opened my passport, she had to flip through several pages, including two other visas, before she came to my Azerbaijani visa. Passports are such a neat documentation of all the adventures God has lead me on over the years. Each mission trip, person I’ve met, crazy food I’ve eaten, friends I’ve made, and places that I hold so dear have been stamped or attached to that little book. Such a beautiful snapshot of the places God has called me to serve.

As I sit on the plane to Paris, it hits me that this is it. I’ve been talking about this for a little over month now, but it hasn’t truly felt real. Here I am, moving to Azerbaijan. I will live there, not visit for the typical 10 days. Once I arrive in 8 hours, I am “home.” My family is one of transition, so the idea of moving from place to place is not foreign to me. However, the idea of doing it on my own is a little more anxiety inducing. Thankfully, God has provided me with several people in Baku who have graciously answered questions, sent advice, and are excited to welcome me into their homes. I believe that without those people, I could not have taken such a leap of faith (especially one family in particular who is not connected to my school, but they are connected with Nashville). I am so looking forward to meeting all the wonderful people God has prepared as my new friends and family for the next nine+ months!

MAIL! Everyone knows mail is one of my favorite things in the world, so if you’d like to make my day brighter by sending me a letter or package, please email me at, so that I can pass my address along to you. I know international packages are pricey, but I also know how incredibly grateful I will be to receive a little bit of love and home from any of you!

Thank you again for all your prayers! I know God has heard them and used to them to help me travel with peace and excitement, rather than panic and worry. In just six short (actually long, since I’ll be on a plane for most of that) hours I will be in my new home. You all have truly helped me get there through your love, prayers, and support.

P.S. Do you think it’s a sign that the next flight out of my gate after Baku, Azerbaijan is Minsk, Belarus? 😉


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