Pip Pip, Cheerio!

One of the perks of teaching overseas is getting to travel during holiday breaks. So far I have visited Other parts of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, and now London. With each trip I take, my list of places I want to go gets longer! Instead of the list getting shorter, my mind fills up with ideas for my next trip to the same place or a new one. So many adventures in my future!

Here’s a short recap of my London trip:

Day One: London Bound! After several extremely busy weeks at school, we finally made it to Novruz break. I was heading to London with another teacher from school, her daughter, and a friend. They headed over the day before me, so I was traveling solo. Except, rarely does one travel solo when you are part of an international community. I showed up at the airport and bumped into a former student of mine and her sweet family. While traveling solo is fun, knowing people on your flight makes it even more fun! The little one read to me while we waited for our flight. How cool is it to see how much progress your students have made since they were yours? They sat right in front of me on the flight, which was a great treat. The older one highly recommended one of the kids movies on the flight, so naturally I watched it. Once we arrived in London, they helped set me in the right direction for my hotel and we parted ways. I successfully made it to the hotel by myself! It helps when the signs are in a language you can read and people speak English. 

Day Two: I hate shopping. This is a true statement. However, there is something so refreshing about visiting a country where I can shop for clothes I like and food I miss. I spent the majority of this day shopping, but I did not buy a single thing. Talk about self-control! Delicious Meal of the Day: Pizza Hut

Day Three: I accidentally went shopping, again. This time, I bought a couple of things, but I did not go too crazy. Next stop, the London Eye! I’m not one for touristy things, but the girls wanted to go on the London Eye at sunset, and I’m a real sucker for sunsets. I’ll admit that I would have been content just being in that area at dusk, because it was perfect for pictures, but in the end I am glad I went up. It was a fun experience and now I can say I have done it. Delicious Meal of the Day: Sushi

Day Four: “After all, I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” On the plane ride over, I watched Notting Hill, so obviously I had to visit! What a beautiful little area of town. You start off with some quaint shops with trendy dresses and neat knickknacks, then wander on down to the antique shops with some great finds. We decided to stop off in a pub called The Oyster Bar. Talk about delicious! At our table we had calamari, bacon cheeseburgers, oysters, fish, and the best French fries I’d had in months. The food was incredible and the atmosphere was the cherry on top. Delicious Meal of the Day: Oyster Bar. That burger was seriously yummy. 

Day Five: Started off our day with a full English Breakfast at a pub. I wish more countries did breakfast as well at the Brits. Next stop, Natural History Museum. I am a failure at enjoying nice things and only lasted two hours before I left to do something else. I admit, what I saw was incredibly interesting, but museuming alone is not my cuppa. I promise if we visit a museum together, I will be more civilized and stay longer than two hours. Really, I promise. Once I ducked out of the museum, I decided to treat myself by getting a fabulous haircut and eating at Chipotle. This is also the day I decided to find some of the foods I can’t get in Baku, but thought I might find in London. If you’re in London and looking for quinoa, I highly recommend Holland & Barrett’s. They’ll hook you up. Marks & Spencer won’t actually have what you’re looking for, BUT the information desk will do absolutely everything they can to help you find it. Shout out to Harry & Megan at the Marble Arch M & S for working so hard to find quinoa for me! Delicious Meal of the Day: Breakfast AND Chipotle, because guacamole. 

Day Six: I museumed again. This time, the British Museum. Thanks to Cheryl for the recommendation! I lasted a whole three hours at this museum! Mummies, Japanese history exhibit, barkcloth, Parthenon Sculptures, and so much more! After my embarrassingly short visit, I headed to the West End area of town to see some of the theaters. I almost went to see a show, but changed my mind and settled for a movie in English instead. It’s the little things, really. Final stop on my London adventure was the same pub where we enjoyed our English Breakfast, this time for Fish & Chips. Delicious Meal of the Day: Fish & Chips, obviously.

Day Seven: Pouring rain. Drenched as I make my way to Heathrow to head back to Baku. Arrived home and was greeted by no electricity in my apartment, because that’s just how it is sometimes. Delicious Meal of the Day: Egg white omelette with avocado at the airport.